A Review on The EIA System of Each Country and Its Implication

각국의 환경영향평가제도와 시사점

  • 오태곤 (조선대학교 법학연구소)
  • Published : 2005.08.01


Since the announcement of the Rio Earth Charter in 1992, the Environmental Policy of each country has changed a lot. That is, it aims at compatibility of nature and humans, and preservation and development of environment. It has changed a goal from the past direct regulation and post-treatment to 'sustainable development'. To overcome world-wide environmental problems such as changing global climate, various political means such as economic incentives and pre-prevention policy such as environmentally-friendly productive process, effective use of resources, minimized generation of waste have been developed. As environmental problems which are growing serious began to threat survival of human beings, they must be globally managed rather than by a single country. Therefore, this study is to speculate the EIA System of each country for environmental protection based on such recognition of problems.


Rio Earth Charter;Environmental Policy;Sustainable Development;EIA System