A Study on the Expression of Symbolism in the Production of Animation for the Original Work 'Grave of the Fireflies(火垂 墓)'

'반딧불의 묘' 원작에 대한 애니메이션 연출의 상징성 표현 연구

  • 김일태 (조선대학교 미술대학 만화애니메이션학부) ;
  • 노수아 (조선대학교 미술대학 만화애니메이션학부)
  • Published : 2005.08.01


The appearance of digital culture swiftly has changed the culture in domestic and international arenas before and after the year 2004 and the image and animation have become two of the most important expression media in contemporary age. Among the Japanese animations that have demonstrated the rapid development of cartoon and animation in the world, the director Dakahata Isao's 'Graves of the Fireflies' that has influenced many works has been evaluated as one of the noticeable works that has a unique method and scenario dramatization in terms of producing the original novel into an animation. This study investigates the metaphor and symbolism shown in this work according to each sequence, divides the production ability in the work into three elements and applies them to the important elements such as camera, colors and mise-en-scene when the original work is depicted into image. It can be summarized in more detail as in the following: firstly, I study the rhythm of camera corresponding to the symbolism of the angle that the camera has and production; secondly, I analyze the artistic elements appeared in the process of expressing the original work into the image, especially the production for the colors and symbolism contained in them and the composition of screen. Thirdly, I analyze how effectively the atmosphere for the situations for the original work is expressed in animation with the aid of one of the image elements, mis-en-scene. It is expected that the analyzed findings will be effective as a way of overcoming the limitation of expressions that the original work in text and the study on these processes will become good examples to the relevant workers and will be the good references to the producers who are interested in the creation of animation in Korea.


Symbolism;Camera;Colors;Mise-en-scene;Production;Image Element