3D Avatar Gesture Representation for Collaborative Virtual Environment Design

CVE 디자인을 위한 3D 아바타의 동작 표현 연구

  • 이경원 (아주대학교 미디어학부) ;
  • 장선희 (성신여자대학교 미디어정보학부)
  • Published : 2005.08.01


CVE(Collaborative Virtual Environment) is the virtually shared area where people cannot come together physically, but wish to discuss, collaborate on, or even dispute certain matters. In CVEs, in habitants are usually represented by humanoid embodiments, generally referred to as avatars. But most current graphical CVE systems fail to reflect the natural relationship between the avatar's gesture and the conversation that is taking place. More than 65% of the information exchanged during a person to person conversation is carried on the nonverbal band. Therefore, it is expected to be beneficial to provide such communication channels in CVEs in some way. To address this issue, this study proposes a scheme to represent avatar's gestures that can support the CVE users' communication. In the first level, this study classifies the non-verbal communication forms that can be applicable to avatar gesture design. In the second level, this study categorizes the body language according to the types of interaction with verbal language. And in the third level, this study examines gestures with relevant verbal expressions according to the body parts-from head to feet. One bodily gesture can be analyzed in the description of gesture representation, the meaning of gesture and the possible expressions, which can be used in gestural situation.


CVE;Non-Verbal Communication;3D Avatar;Somatic Language;Gesture