Recognition of Colors of Image Code Using Hue and Saturation Values

색상 및 채도 값에 의한 이미지 코드의 칼라 인식

  • 김태우 (한양사이버대학교 정보통신학과) ;
  • 박흥국 (상명대학교 미디어학부) ;
  • 유현중 (상명대학교 정보통신공학과)
  • Published : 2005.08.01


With the increase of interest in ubiquitous computing, image code is attracting attention in various areas. Image code is important in ubiquitous computing in that it can complement or replace RFID (radio frequency identification) in quite a few areas as well as it is more economical. However, because of the difficulty in reading precise colors due to the severe distortion of colors, its application is quite restricted by far. In this paper, we present an efficient method of image code recognition including automatically locating the image code using the hue and saturation values. In our experiments, we use an image code whose design seems most practical among currently commercialized ones. This image code uses six safe colors, i.e., R, G, B, C, M, and Y. We tested for 72 true-color field images with the size of $2464{\times}1632$ pixels. With the color calibration based on the histogram, the localization accuracy was about 96%, and the accuracy of color classification for localized codes was about 91.28%. It took approximately 5 seconds to locate and recognize the image code on a PC with 2 GHz P4 CPU.


Image Code;Color Code;Code Localization;Color Classification;Code Recognition