An Efficient Loop Splitting Method on Single Loop with Non-uniform Dependences

비균일 단일루프에서의 효율적인 루프 분할 방법

  • 정삼진 (천안대학교 정보통신학부)
  • Published : 2005.08.01


This paper introduces three loop splitting methods such as minimum dependence distance method, Polychronopoulous' method, and first dependence method for exploiting parallelism from single loop which already developed. And it also Indicates their several problems. We extend the first dependence method which is the most effective one among three loop splitting methods, and propose more powerful loop splitting method to enhance parallelism on single loop. The proposed algorithm solves several problems, such as anti-flow dependence and g=gcd(a,c) > 1, that the first dependence method has.