Advanced E-Model for VoIP Call Quality Assessment

VoIP 통화 품질 평가를 위한 개선된 E-모델

  • Published : 2005.08.01


In this paper, an advanced E-Model was proposed in order to overcome disadvantages of conventional method. A new model makes the accurate VoIP call quality assessment possible by applying the burst packet loss and recency effect. In order to assess the performance of this advanced E-Model, we gained the estimated MOS value from NR(Network R) value and UR(User R) value resulted from the burst packet loss values by Gilbert Model. Through simulations and comparisons with conventional models such as MOS, PESQ, and I-Model, we reach a conclusion that advanced E-Model is more accurate and reliable method than conventional models.


E-Model;MOS;PESQ;VoIP;Call Quality