A Study for Reconstruction of Chuncheon Animation Industry

춘천 애니메이션 산업부흥을 위한 연구

  • 박기복 (강원대학교 영상문화학과)
  • Published : 2005.12.01


This study is intended to arrange the situation of Chuncheon Animation Industry which is applied as a keyword for Regional balanced development system and Regional specialized Industry promotion policy and estimate the appropriateness as Regional specialized industry and possibility of comparative superiority over other regions. This study is intended to look the trial and error of Chuncheon Animation Industry which has been promoted for 10 years and suggest the method to establish new regional industry promotion strategy based on 'innovation' and apply it effectively. Therefore, I intend that in order to establish a new paradigm of animation industry, the industrial appropriateness of animation in changed New Knowledge Based Society is inspected and then the strategy is made. Moreover, in the point of leading position of regional animation, the basis and function of New Knowledge Based Society of Gangwon-province and Chuncheon are thought. In conclusion, the problems and solution of Chuncheon Animation Industry are explored.