A Study of BioSignal Analysis for Physical Activity of Wu-Shu Training

우슈 수련자의 신체활동에 따른 생체신호 분석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.12.01


In this paper, we are suggested a method that's a major topics in sports medicine. It is disease control, control and management of chronic degenerative disease, and promotion of health. We are analyze physical activity to scientific and quantitative a trainee at Wu-Shu gymnasium, for a suggested method. We are measured a quantity of physical activity by SenseWear-PRO2-Armband which develop body-media company. Armband include to skin temperature sensor, near-body temperature sensor, accelerometer, heat flux sensor, galvanic skin response sensor. Acquired data was recorded to storage in Armband. We are analyzed using InnerView Wearer Software in the Stored data to skin temperature, calorie expenditure, quantity of physical activity. The result of this analyzed, we are know that a man of long-term exercise expenditure energy at short time and if liveliness of physical activity was Increase in expenditure energy with increase skin temperature. Also, we are know that the heat flux after increase expenditure energy with increase skin temperature. And, know that GSR was not affected a factors that physical activity, expenditure energy, increase skin temperature, and others.


WuShu;Sports Medicine;BioSignal;Physical Activity