Initial and Recurrent Anterior Dislocation in Shoulder

견관절 초기 전방 탈구와 재발성 전방 탈구

Kim Young-Kyu;Lee Jae-Hoon;Kim Hyun-Min;Lee Choong-Hoon

  • Published : 2005.12.01


Purpose: To assess the usefulness of early stabilization for initial shoulder dislocation which is indicated in some patients by comparing the arthroscopic findings and the outcomes of Bankart repair in the initial and recurrent dislocation. Materials and Methods: The study was performed on 16 cases of initial dislocation and 44 cases of recurrent dislocation. The follow-up period was 25 months in the initial dislocation group and 28 months in the recurrent group. Bankart lesion and the adjacent tissues were compared, and the results were evaluated by the Rowe rating scale. Results: Detached labrum and capsular ligament of the initial dislocation group were elastic and unretracted. While in the recurrent dislocation those were inelastic, and displaced and adhesive in many cases. The outcomes were mean 95 points in the initial group and 91 points in the recurrent group. In the initial group, apprehension was detected in only 1 case(6%). In the recurrent group, instability was detected in 4 cases(9%). Conclusion: Our data suggest that Bankart lesion in the initial dislocation can be repaired readily by surgery, the recovery is efficient, and the recurrence would be reduced. Thus, in active young sports lovers as well as athletes, early stabilization surgery for initial shoulder dislocation may be more helpful.


Shoulder;Initial dislocation;Recurrent dislocation;Bankart repair