Elastofibroma Dorsi as a Cause of Snapping Scapula - A Case Report -

탄발음 견갑골의 한 요인으로서 탄성섬유종 - 1예 보고 -

Hwang In-Hwan;Kim Jong-Woo;Oh Sung-Kyun;Park Hyung-Bin

  • Published : 2005.12.01


Elastofibroma dorsi is a benign soft tissue mass, not well-known because of its low incidence, and usually located between the chest wall and the inferomedial aspect of the scapula. This lesion is not true neoplasm but rather reactive hyperplasia of elastic fibers. It is mostly nontender mass, but occasionally causes snapping symptom. This tumor should be considered as a differential diagnosis of snapping scapula. The clinical diagnosis is made by magnetic resonance imaging and confirmed by pathologic findings. We present a case report of a female with elastofibroma dorsi, who had that the chief complaint was snapping scapula and palpable mass. We emphasize that snapping lesions located deep beneath the inferior tip of the scapula on the chest wall should arouse suspicion of an elastofibroma dorsi.


Elastofibroma Dorsi;Snapping Shoulder;Excisional Biopsy