Boundary Layer Mesh Generation for Three-Dimensional Geometries with Thin Thickness

얇은 두께의 3차원 형상에 경계층 요소 생성

  • 권기연 (한국과학기술원 기계공학과) ;
  • 채수원 (고려대학교 기계공학과) ;
  • 이병채 (한국과학기술원 기계공학과)
  • Published : 2005.05.01


A method of generation boundary layer mesh has been presented. This paper describes the generation of semi-unstructured prismatic/tetrahedral meshes for three-dimensional geometries with thin thickness. By of fretting of surface triangle elements prismatic/tetrahedral meshes are generated and using the node relocation method of this research intersected meshes can be efficiently improved. Finally tetrahedral meshes are automatically generated at the rest of the domain. Sample meshes are constructed to demonstrate the mesh generating capability of the proposed algorithm.


Boundary Layer Meshes;Injection Molding;Prisms;Offsetting;Tetrahedral


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