Modeling on an Antenna Flexible Characteristics of a Prototype Gimbal with an Antenna and Major Design Factors to determine a System Bandwidth

원형(Prototype) 안테나가 부착된 짐발의 안테나 유연특성 모델링 및 시스템 대역폭 결정 주요설계인자

  • 백주현 (넥스원퓨처(주) 연구개발본부)
  • Published : 2005.05.01


The model of azimuth driving servo system with a flexible antenna in a prototype gimbal has been derived in this work. The validity of the model is verified by comparing the result of the model with that of experiment. It is found that one should consider an antenna as a flexible body in case of modeling the dynamics of the gimbal with an antenna. It is also known that the effect of reducing backlash magnitude for extending the bandwidth in the system with a flexible antenna is smaller than the system with a stiff antenna. It is thought that the model-based design optimization of the gimbal with an antenna will be possible by virtue of the derived model, when a weight reduction and a bandwidth extension are required.


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