Antimutagenic and Cytotoxic Effects of Ethanol Extracts from Five Kinds of Seaweeds

다섯 가지 해조류 에탄올 추출물의 항돌연변이 활성 및 암세포 성장억제 효과

  • Kim, Sung-Ae (Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Hannam University) ;
  • Kim, Jin (Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Hannam University) ;
  • Woo, Mee-Kyung (Metamanna Co.) ;
  • Kwak, Chung-Shil (Aging and Physical Culture Research Institute, Seoul National University) ;
  • Lee, Mee-Sook (Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Hannam University)
  • 김성애 (한남대학교 식품영양학과) ;
  • 김진 (한남대학교 식품영양학과) ;
  • 우미경 ((주)메타만나) ;
  • 곽충실 (서울대학교 체력과학노화연구소) ;
  • 이미숙 (한남대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 2005.04.01


The protective effects of ethanol extracts from 5 seaweeds on the mutagenic and cytotoxic damage were evaluated. They were separately extracted using ethanol from dried samples at room temperature, and freeze-dried. The inhibition effects on the mutagenicity in Salmonella assay by Ames test and cancer cell inhibitory effect in HeLa cell, MCF-7 cell and SNU -638 cell by MTT assay were assayed. Seaweed fusiforme, sea tangle and green laver showed strong inhibitory effect against 2-nitrofluorene, sodium azide- or 2-anthramine-induced mutagenicities in Salmonella Typhimurium TA 98 and TA 100 at the level of 2.5 mg ethanol extract per plate. Cancer cell inhibitory effect was shown with all of the seaweed extracts. Green laver, sea mustard, sea tangle and seaweed fusiforme showed strong cytotoxicity against HeLa and MCF-7 cells, with inhibiting by $92\~93\%$ and $89\~92\%$, respectively. These data show that 5 seaweeds tested in this study might be potent functional foods for cancer prevention, and consumption of these seaweeds in adequate amount is recommended.


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