Estimation of Baseflow Discharge through Several Streams in Jeju Island, Korea

제주도 주요하천의 기저유출량 산정

  • Published : 2005.04.01


Groundwater in Jeju Island, flowing through main stream, is spring water from underground. To set a fixed quantity of groundwater flowing from surface in a hydrological view, 4 downstream (Woedo stream, Gangjung stream, Yeonwoe stream and Ongpo stream) were selected to calculate the characteristic of baseflow and the base-flow discharge through the data on tachometry. There were 11 to 14 level peak caused by runoff, mostly occurred during monsoon season. Also, duration of runoff was 15 to 25 hours, well reflecting the characteristic of inclined, short stream length in Jeju Island and pervious hydrogeographical feature. In case of Gangjung stream, Yeonwoe stream and Ongpo stream, variation of stream water level by baseflow rose above during summer, which was closely linked to the distribution of seasonal precipitation. From autumn to spring, water level fell below while that of Woedo stream remained the same all year round. Data on the water level observed in Woedo stream and Gangjung stream in every single minutes was applied to weir formula(equation of Oki and Govinda Rao) to calculate baseflow discharge. Also, using the data on current and water level calculated in Ongpo stream and Yeonwoe stream, water level-water flow rating was applied to assess base flow discharge.


Groundwater;Baseflow discharge;Duration of runoff;Jeju Island


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