Toluene Catalytic Oxidation by Manganese-Cerium Bimetallic Catalysts

Mn-Ce 복합 산화물에 의한 톨루엔 촉매 산화

Cheon Tae-Jin;Choi Sung-Woo;Lee Chang-Soep

  • Published : 2005.04.01


Activity of manganese oxide supported on ${\nu}-Al_2O_3$ was increased when cerium was added. Also, cerium-added manganese oxide on ${\nu}-Al_2O_3$ was more effective in oxidation of toluene than that without cerium. XRD result, it was observed that $MnO_2+CeO_2$ crystalline phases were present in the samples. For the used catalyst, a prominent feature has increased by XPS. TPR/TPO profiles of cerium-added manganese oxide on ${\nu}-Al_2O_3$ changed significantly increased at a lower temperature. The activity of $18.2 wt{\%}\;Mn+ 10.0 wt{\%}\;Ce/{\nu}-Al_2O_3$ increased at a lower temperature. The cerium added on the manganese catalysts has effects on the oxidation of toluene.


Cerium-added manganese oxide;XPS;TPR/TPO


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