Multiresidue analytical method of pesticides in rice by HPLC

HPLC를 사용한 쌀 중 잔류농약 동시분석법

  • Published : 2005.04.01


A simple and sensitive analytical method based on RP-HPLC with UV detector$(225{\cal}nm)$ and mobile phases using $0.1{\%}$ phosphoric acid and acetonitrile was developed for simultaneous determination of quinclorac, bentazone, 2,4-D, bensulfuron-methyl, dymuron, capropamide, pencycuron, ethofenprox. This method was resulted in recovery of $78{\~}96{\%}$ with RSD $3.3{\~}7.5{\%}$, LODs $0.12{\~}0.84$ and LOQs $0.34{\~}1.20{\cal}mg/L$. Calibration curves were linear with r of $0.9995{\~}0.9999$.




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