Fabrication of Nanoscale Reusable Quartz Master for Nano Injection Molding Process

재사용 가능한 100nm급 패턴의 퀄츠 마스터 제작 및 퀄츠 마스터를 사용한 사출성형실험

  • Published : 2005.02.01


In this paper, we present reusable quartz master fabricated by electron-beam lithography and dry etching process of quartz, and results of injection molding based on the reusable quartz master for the manufacturing of nano-scale information media. Since patterned structures of photoresist can be easily damaged by separation (demolding) process of nickel stamper and master, a master with photoresist cannot be reused in stamper fabrication process. In this work, we have made it possible of the repeated use of master by directly patterning on quart in nickel stamper fabrication process. We have designed and fabricated four different specimens including 100nm, 140nm 200nm and 400nm pit patterns. In addition, both intaglio and embossed carving patterns are fabricated for each specimen. In the preliminary test of injection molding, we have fabricated polycarbonate patterns with varying mold temperature. We have experimentally verified the fabrication process of the reusable quart master and possibility of quartz master as direct stamper.


Reusable Stamper;Injection Molding;Quartz Master;E-beam Lithography


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