A Study on Weight of the Factors for Improvement of Air Passenger Security Screening Performance and Service

승객보안업무 성과 개선과 서비스 수준 향상을 위한 업무 책임 주체에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.12.31


The passenger security screening is a mandatory procedure for boarding the aircraft according to ICAO standard as well as national law of each country. The enhanced threat of terrorism have had the security procedure strengthened since 9/11 events. However the effectiveness of passenger screening is not satisfactory and the service level for passenger is getting worse because of tightened security measurements. This research studied the responsibility issue for the enhancement of the effectiveness and service quality in passenger security screening. The study concluded that a desirable responsibility assignment for passenger screening is to the airport authority at normal time and to the government authority at the time of high threat.