A Study on the Approach Methods with a Constant Vertical Speed for Diminution of CFIT Accidents in Non-Precision Approach

비정밀접근시 CFIT사고 방지를 위한 일정강하율 접근방식에 관한 연구

  • 송병흠 (한국항공대학교 항공운항학과) ;
  • 신현삼 (한국항공대학교 항공교통물류학과) ;
  • 문경배 (한국항공대학교 항공운항학과 대학원)
  • Published : 2005.12.31


Traditionally aircraft had descended in steps to level at the MDA(Minimum Descent Altitude) during the conduct of non-precision approach. This "de-stabilized" method of flying an instrument approach procedure is considered as a major contributing factor in CFIT(Controlled Flight Into Terrain) accident and increasing pilot workload. In the effort to reduce CFIT accident and pilot workload, VNAV(Vertical Navigation) Approach has been suggested as means to manage the vertical component of non-precision approach procedure.[1] But In the actual circumstances in Korea, VNAV has not been using to reduce them because of many restriction facts and no published VNAV chart in particular airport. Therefore we are suggesting Constant Vertical Speed Approach Method, which is required few restriction facts, and the pilots who are using this method will experience a similar method like a Glideslope during proceeding non-precision approach. Consequently, We are expecting to reduce CFIT accidents and pilot workload.