A study on Standards for Pilot Practical Test;Focused on the references for flight training and evaluation

조종사 실기시험 표준자료에 관한 연구;비행교육 및 평가에 필요한 표준자료를 중심으로

  • Published : 2005.03.31


The purpose of the study is to show the need for the development of standard materials which can be used for flight training and pilot practical tests in the future. In this paper the flight training and evaluation references of flight training institutes certified by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation(MOCT) are compared with references of the international organization such as ICAO and FAA. As a result it is found that the flight schools certified by the MOCT have used different references for flight training and evaluation. Therefore, this study suggests creation and operation of an expert advisory group to develop new standards for flight training and evaluation, so called " Flight Training Manual", in Korea.