Development of Mold Manufacturing Technology for Small

소형항공기용(반디호) 몰드 제작 기술개발

  • Published : 2005.03.31


There are several ways to mold the complex material, and it is divided to vacuum pack mold, compression mold, and hand lay up for a high molecular substance as a basic material. Moreover, it can be divided to general manufacturing (Single form) and mold manufacturing(Mold form) under normal temperature for Firefly. Firefly was manufactured with hand lay up and general manufacturing that using the foam core, glass fabric, and template without mold. However, mold manufacturing that is producing the surface by semi-sandwich using thin foam core and glass fabric then reinforce the inside with spar and rib is on developing. Mold manufacturing can make easy to production, standardize the quality, and possible to mass producing. In this paper, we present the mold producing process for canard aircraft "Firefly", and the problems and solutions during producing Firefly. Moreover, it complements the defect that the problems caused by master manufacturing error when produce several masters of a large part, and make the manufacturing process to be shortened by the replacement from the supplementary plate to the foam that is installed when producing lay up mold.