Instructional Strategies of Problem-Based Learning for Creative Engineering Education

창의적 공학교육을 위한 문제중심학습(PBL)의 모형과 절차의 탐색

  • Published : 2005.03.01


Problem-Based Learning is focused, experiential learning organized around the investigation and resolution of messy, real-world problem. It is both a curriculum organizer and instructional strategy, two complementary processes. The PBL model developed in this study was composed the two components of Problem Design(curriculum organizer) and Problem Implementation(instructional strategy). The basic process of Problem Implementation Model were composed the 8 steps ; 1) the identification of problem, 2) the specification of problem, 3) the exploration and generation for solution, 4) the selecting of best idea, 5) the specific planning of best idea, 6) the implementation and realization, 7) the evaluation, 8) the applying and reflection.