Anti-Slip Control and Speed Sensor-less Vector Control of the Railway Vehicle

철도차량의 Anti-Slip 제어 및 속도센서리스 벡터제어

  • Published : 2005.06.01


In electric motor coaches, the rolling stocks move by the adhesive effort between rail and driving wheel. Generally, the adhesive effort is defined by the function of both the wright of electric motor coach and the adhesive effort between rails and driving wheel. The characteristics of adhesive effort is strongly affected by the conditions between rails and driving wheel. When the adhesive effort decreases suddenly, the electric motor coach has slip phenomena. This paper proposes a re-adhesion control based on disturbance observer and sensor-less vector control. The numerical simulation and experimental results point out that the proposed re-adhesion control system has the desired driving wheel torque response for the tested bogie system of electric coach. Based on this estimated adhesive effort, the re-adhesion control is performed to obtain the maximum transfer of the tractive effort.


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