The Estimation of the Waterfront Residential Environment

Waterfront 지역의 주거환경 평가

  • Published : 2005.02.01


The waterfront$(W{\cdot}F)$ region can be one of the most significant resources as to the characteristics of Busan region. The research aims to find the essential factors to read the region fitted to the best residential environment, figuring out the estimation of being satisfied with the residential environment. On the basis of the survey it could be revealed that what kind of value the region can have and what kinds of factors have to be emphasized on the region development. As a result the Waterfront residential region has more satisfying like sight views and residential environmental than the non-waterfront residential region, showing high quality of perceiving the future moving plan. Some positive opinions could be found in insisting to develop the waterfront region, but it should be kept continually to prevent senseless developments, to develop the region fitting the demand to the provision, to manage the region continually since, and to observe some conservation criteria in developing the region.


Waterfront;Residential Environment;Landscape;Satisfaction Degree


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