Statistical Analysis of Operating Parameters on Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

고도처리 하수처리장 운전조건의 통계분석

Lee Chan-Hyung;Moon Kyung-Sook

  • Published : 2005.02.01


Statistical analysis between operating parameters and effluent quality on advanced wastewater treatment plant was performed. Through factor analysis four factors derived varimax rotation were selected each plant. Four components explained $80\%,\;82\%$ of the total variance of the process, respectively. The components on MLE plant were identified in the following order: 1) HRT increase and BOD load decrease by influent decrease, 2) Biomass, 3) SVI increase by internal return increase, 4) Microbial diversity by SRT increase. On $A_2O$ plant, we defined them as follows: factor 1, high MLSS by return rate increase, HRT increase by influent decrease; factor 2, biomass; factor 3, BOD of influent; factor 4 was relate to DO.


Advanced wastewater treatment plant;Operating parameters;Statistical analysis;Factor analysis


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