Fabrication of Reaction Sintered SiC Materials by Complex Slurry with Nano Size Particles

나노입자 혼합 복합슬러리를 이용한 반응소결 SiC 재료의 제조

  • Published : 2005.03.01


The efficiency of complex slurry preparation route for developing the high performance SiC matrix of $RS-SiC_{f}/SiC$ composites has been investigated. The green bodies for RS-SiC materials prior to the infiltration of molten silicon were prepared with various C/SiC complex slurries, which associated with both the sizes of starting SiC particles and the blending conditions of starting SiC and C particles. The characterization of Rs-SiC materials was examined by means of SEM, EDS and three point bending test. Based on the mechanical property-microstructure correlation, the process optimization is also discussed. The flexural strength of Rs-SiC materials greatly depended on the content of residual Si. The decrease of starting SiC particle size in the C/SiC complex slurry was effective for improving the flexural strength of RS-SiC materials.


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