A Study on The Acknowledgement of A Criterion and Subjective Symptom of Musculoskeletal Diseases by Dental Hygienists works

치과위생사 업무 중 근·골격계 질환의 자각 증상과 업무상 재해 인정기준에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.12.30


The changes in korean economic environment, from quantitative to qualitative growth of economy, go with making desperate efforts, that is, companies have put through many technical improvements, quality control, improvement of service, and so forth. Enterprises cut the number of employees through labor-management adjustment, so that a shortage of labor caused. An increase in intension of labor brought about growing the proportion of occupational diseases which is musculoskeletal diseases. Because of a rapid change in society and a change in our circumstances, we have many difficulties in examine a business disease closely. In support corroboration of relevance on admission of business, a criterion for dudging afford a basis for a causal relationship of medical science, take the state of working conditions into consideration, and at the same time, give a adaptable decision based on the purpose and point of "The Labor Standard Law" as well as "The Law about Industrial Accident Compensation insurance". In conclusion, it is necessary for the dental hygienists 10 reduce the on-duty hours a day, to make good postures in working, and to remove the stressful conditions in order to reduce the incidence of the lumbago. Good working postures, appropriate rest time, and early detection, care and education of the lumbago could be recommended for the dental hygienists.