Seo, Ho-Joon

  • 발행 : 2005.06.30


The catalytic activity of precious metals(Rh, Pd, Pt) and nickel catalysts supported on ${\gamma}-Al_2O_3\;and\;CeO_2$ in the partial combustion of methane(PCM) to syngas was investigated based on the product distribution in a fixed bed now reactor under atmospheric condition and also on analysis results by SEM, XPS, TPD, BET, and XRD. The activity of the catalysts based on the syngas yield increased in the sequence $Rh(5)/CeO_2{\geq}Ni(5)/CeO_2>>Rh(5)/Al_2O_3>Pd(5)/Al_2O_3>Ni(5)/Al_2O_3$. Compared to the precious catalysts, the syngas yield and stability of the $Ni(5)/CeO_2$ catalyst were almost similar to $(5)/CeO_2$ catalyst, and superior to these of any other catalysts. The syngas yield of $Ni(5)/CeO_2$ catalyst was 90.66% at 1023 K. It could be suggested to be the redox cycle of the successive reaction and formation of active site, $Ni^{2-}$ and the lattice oxygen, $O^{2-}$ produced due to reduction of $Ce^{4-}$ to $Ce^{3-}$.


Partial Combustion of Methane;Precious Metal Catalyst(Rh, Pd, Pt);Ni Catalyst;$CeO_2$;$Al_2O_3$;Redox cycle


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