Wishfully, Inducing Hometown to Get the Korea RDF Project Center!

고향에서 원전센터 유치를!

  • 주승환 (한국기술사회, 고려공업검사(주) 연구소)
  • Published : 2005.01.01


The text describes an author's column presented in a local newspaper, which includes the private warmest sentiments on the people and hometown, sending a message to try to cause the peopleinduce that project to their district, known as one of the candidates. Since in 1986, the siting work for a potential district of the RDF(Radwaste Disposal Facility) Project Center in Korea has been struggled for almost 20 years. Unfortunately, the final district could not be fixed yet. So, during last tow years, author has been personally endeavored to do all activities in concern with that work as a pioneer and experienced in that field.