All the Feathered Tribes Have Only Their Own a Pair Legs from God

날짐승들은 두 다리만 가졌다

  • 주승환 (한국기술사회, 고려공업검사(주) 연구소)
  • Published : 2005.01.01


Firstly, the author suggests a new term of the "Pro-Engineer's Doctrine" on every engineering work. This renewed term should be in their minds who are doing any kinds of scientific and technological works in his/her field. The term, "doctrine", is based on a wise sage, renewedly, so-called "The Way of the measuring squire(혈矩之道)" saying in one of the Oriental classics. Also, he explains here another term, "Investigation of things, attainment of knowledge(格物致知)" that is very similarity to the "Pro-Engineer's Doctrine" from the same book.