Matching Method between Heterogeneous Data for Semantic Search

시맨틱 검색을 위한 이기종 데이터간의 매칭방법

  • Published : 2006.10.28


For semantic retrieval in semantic web environment, it is an important factor to manage and manipulate distributed resources. Ontology is essential for efficient search in distributed resources, but it is almost impossible to construct an unified ontology for all distributed resources in the web. In this paper, we assumed that most information in the web environment exist in the form of RDBMS, and propose a matching method between domain ontology and the existing RDBMS tables for semantic retrieval. Most previous studies about matching between RDBMS tables and domain ontology have extracted a local ontology from RDBMS tables at first, and conducted the matching between the local ontology and domain ontology. However in the processing of extracting a local ontology, some problems such as losing domain information can be occurred since its correlation with domain ontology has not been considered at all. In this paper, we propose a methods to prevent the loss of domain information through the similarity measure between instances of RDBMS tables and instances of ontology. And using the relational information between RDBMS tables and the relational information between classes in domain ontology, more efficient instance-based matching becomes possible.


Ontology Matching;Scheme Matching;Instance Matching;Heterogeneous Matching