Adaptive Interpolation for Intra Frames in H.264 Using Interference Function

H.264 인트라 프레임에서 방해함수를 이용한 적응적 보간

  • Published : 2006.10.28


Error Concealment method for Intra frames in H.264 reconstructs the lost block by computing weighted average value of the boundary pixels of the neighboring blocks; up, bottom, left and right blocks. However a simple average of pixel values of the neighboring blocks for Intra frames in H.264 leads to excessive blurring and degrades the picture quality severely. To solve this problem, in this paper we estimate the dominant edge of lost block using the pixel values of the neighboring blocks and reconstruct the pixel values by choosing adaptive interpolation between directional interpolation and weighted average interpolation considering the result value of the interference function based on statistics. Finally directional interpolation method improves by determining the dominant edge direction considering the relation of the dominent edge and the edges of neighboring blocks. Experiments show improvement of picture quality of about $0.5{\sim}2.0dB$ compared with the method of H.264.


Intra Frames Error Concealment;H.264;Adaptive Interpolation