Image Based Text Matching Using Local Crowdedness and Hausdorff Distance

지역 밀집도 및 Hausdorff 거리를 이용한 영상기반 텍스트 매칭

  • Published : 2006.10.28


In this paper, we investigate a Hausdorff distance, which is used for the measurement of image similarity, to see whether it is also effective for document retrieval. The proposed method uses a local crowdedness and a Hausdorff distance to locate text images by determining whether a pair of images scanned at different time comes from the same text or not. To reduce the processing time, which is one of the disadvantages of a Hausdorff distance algorithm, we adopt a local crowdedness for feature point extraction. We apply the proposed method to 190 pairs of the same class and 190 pairs of the different class collected from postal envelop images. The results show that the modified Hausdorff distance proposed in this paper performed well in locating the tort region and calculating the degree of similarity between two images. An improvement of accuracy by 2.7% and 9.0% has been obtained, compared to a binary correlation method and the original Hausdorff distance method, respectively.


Text Image Retrieval;Image-to-Image Matching;Digital Library