Effect of n-Butanol on the Micellization of DBS/Brij 35 Mixed Surfactant Systems

DBS/Brij 35 혼합계면활성제의 미셀화에 미치는 n-부탄올 효과

  • Published : 2006.10.20


The critical micelle concentration (CMC) and the counterion binding constant (B) in a mixed micellar state of the sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (DBS) with the polyoxyethylene(23) lauryl ether (Brij 35) at 25oC in water and aqueous solutions of n-butanol (0.1M, 0.2M, and 0.3M) were determined as a function of a1 (the overall mole fraction of DBS) by the use of electric conductivity method and surface tensiometer method. Various thermodynamic parameters (Xi, i, Ci, aiM, , and Hmix) were calculated by means of the equations derived from the nonideal mixed micellar model. The effect of n-butanol on the micellization of the DBS/Brij 35 mixtures has been also studied by analyzing the measured and calculated thermodynamic parameters.


DBS;Brij 35;Critical Micelle Concentration;Counter Ion Binding Constant;Non Ideal Mixed Micellar Model


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