Preparation and Characterization of Tin(II) Complexes with Isomeric Series of Schiff Bases as Ligands

  • Refat, M. S. ;
  • Sadeek, S. A.
  • Published : 2006.04.20


Complexes of Sn(II) with L1 = acac-o-phdnH2 [N,N'-o-phenylene bis(acetylacetoneimine)], L2 = acac-m-phdnH2 [N,N'-m-phenylene bis(acetylacetoneimine)] and L3 = acac-p-phdnH2 [N,N'-p-phenylene bis(acetylacetoneimine)] have been prepared and characterized by elemental analyses, vibrational, electronic spectra and thermal studies (TGA and DTA). Vibrational spectra indicated the coordination mode of imine and carbonyl oxygen for ligands giving (ONNO) that belong to C2V point group symmetry. The [Sn(L3)] complex has a maximum activation energy and [Sn(L2)] complex has a minimum activation energy


Schiff base;Tin(II) complex;Acetylacetonate derivatives;Spectroscopy;Thermal property;Activation energy


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