QFD Model for Quality Performance Self-assessment

  • Liu, Yumin (Business School, Zhengzhou Univ.) ;
  • Xu, Jichao (Quality Engineering Division, Zhengzhou Institute of Aero)
  • Published : 2006.04.01


How to measure Quality Performance (QP) or excellence performance in organizations is very important for improving the quality of an organization's products and services. This paper takes Quality Function Deployment (QFD) as a useful tool to identify the key characteristics of quality performance and measure the influence factors on quality performance. Most national quality awards provide a framework of the criteria to show the essential elements of an organization's quality performance and get the Quality Performance Score (QPS) by self-assessment using the criteria. By means of these criteria, especially, the criteria of China Quality Award (CQA), a measurable indicator system for quality performance is set up. A four-phase QFD model of assessment for quality performance is developed. This QFD model not only presents the most important efforts for the deployment of the measurable indicators of quality performance, but also takes great advantage of evaluating the quality performance and obtaining the quality performance score. The measurable indicator hierarchy of quality performance is formed and its implementation method for assessment quality performance is described in this paper.


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