Anti-obesity and Cholesterol-lowering Effects of Germinated Brown Rice in Rats Fed with High Fat and Cholesterol Diets

발아현미의 섭취에 의한 흰쥐의 비만 억제 및 콜레스테롤 저하 효과

  • Published : 2006.10.01


To investigate the anti-obesity and cholesterol-lowering effects of germinated brown rice (GBR), male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into the following 4 groups and fed with high fat and cholesterol diets for 5 weeks; control group fed with experimental diet, rice group fed with diet containing 50% rice, brown rice group fed with diet containing 50% brown rice and GBR group fed with diet containing 50% GBR. All groups showed no significant difference in body weight, but the GBR group showed the lowest value in body weight, $471.2{\pm}17.8\;g$. Body weight gain and FER of GBR group, $310.6{\pm}14.7\;g$ and $41.8{\pm}2.0%$, respectively, were also lower than those of other groups. Blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels of the GBR group were $54.0{\pm}23.4\;mg/dL$ and $64.8{\pm}14.7\;mg/dL$, respectively, which were significantly lower than those of rice groups and were the lowest values among the experimental groups. The weights of epididymal and kidney fat of GBR group also showed the lowest values compared to other groups. The liver total lipid and total cholesterol of the GBR group, $216.3{\pm}35.7\;mg/g$ liver and $16.5{\pm}0.7\;mg/g$ liver, respectively, were lower than those of other groups, and total lipid, total cholesterol and triglyceride of GBR group showed the same results. These results suggest that GBR diet reduces body weight and fat gain, and has cholesterol-lowering effect.


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