Effects of KH204 on the Relaxation Response of Rabbit Corpus Cavernosum and Reproductive Function in Male Rats

토끼 음경해면체평활근 이완 및 10주간 경구투여한 흰쥐의 생식기능에 미치는 KH204의 효과

  • 이현지 ((주)KMSI 부설 한국의과학연구소) ;
  • 이은정 ((주)KMSI 부설 한국의과학연구소) ;
  • 김희석 ((주)KMSI 부설 한국의과학연구소) ;
  • 김시나 ((주)KMSI 부설 한국의과학연구소) ;
  • 황성연 ((주)KMSI 부설 한국의과학연구소)
  • Published : 2006.08.30


This study was designed to investigate the effects of KH204 on the relaxation response and reproductive function in male. Strips of rabbit corpus cavernosum were prepared for mounting and isometric tension measurement in an organ bath. On cavernosal strips contracted with $1{\times}10^{-6}$ phenylephrine and KH204 was applied in increasing concentrations from 0, 61, 183 and 549 mg/L, causing dose-dependent relaxation. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were orally administered with 61, 183 and 549 mg/kg/day of KH204 for 10 weeks. We examined organ weights, testicular sperm head counts, epididymal sperm counts, motility and morphology. KH204 relaxed rabbit corpus cavernosal strip contracted by $1{\times}10^{-6}$ phenylephrine in a dose-dependent manner. In the male rat, testicular weight was increased significantly in the KH204 treated groups compared with control group. Also in the testicular sperm head counts, epididymal sperm counts were increased significantly in the KH204-treated rats. In conclusion, the data suggest that KH204 could enhance erectile and reproductive function.


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