Effect of Anchovy Treated with Ethanol, Citric Acid and Dietary Calcium Supplements on Calcium Metabolism in Rats

주정과 구연산 및 식이성 칼슘소재를 처리한 멸치분말이 흰쥐의 칼슘대사에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2006.08.30


This study was performed to investigate the effect of ethanol and citric acid-treated anchovy, caseino-phosphopeptides (CPPs), calcium lactate, and calcium phosphate as dietary calcium supplements on calcium metabolism in rats for 5 weeks. Experimental animals were randomly assigned to five treatments with 15 heads of SD male rats (mean body wt. of 100 g) in each group. The experimental diets were as follows; dried large anchovy powder (C) as control, ethanol+citric acid group (EC), ethanol+citric acid+cpps group (ECC), calcium lactate group (CL) and calcium phosphate group (CP), which were formulated with commercial semi-purified Chow diet, while maintaining the same level of calcium in all diets (1%) groups. The weight gain of EC group was significantly higher than ECC, CL and CP groups (p<0.05), food efficiency (FER) was not different. In vitro and in vivo calcium absorption rates of ECC group treated with citric acid and CPPs were 20.4 and 28.4%, respectively, and the highest among the experimental groups (p<0.05). The blood glucose levels of CL group (105.7 mg/dL) was significantly higher than control group (98.5 mg/dL). In terms of serum lipids, total-cholesterol concentration of EC group (75.1 mg/dL) was significantly higher than CP group (65.6 mg/dL) and triglyceride concentration of CP group (33.5 mg/dL) was the lowest (p<0.05). ALP activity and 057 level were not different among experimental groups. The serum calcium concentration of control group (C) was the lowest among groups (p<0.05). The femur weight of CP group was the lowest (p<0.05) and the femur length of ECC group is the longest (P<0.05). The bone density of CP group $(0.1116\;g/cm^2)$ was the lowest while ECC group $(0.1149\;g/cm^2)$ was the highest, and the bone density was increased by added CPPs. These data demonstrated that ECC group significantly increased in vitro and in vivo calcium absorption rate, serum Ca level, and the length and bone density of femur.


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