A Study on the Management Factor in the Collaboration among Social Service Organizations

사회복지 조직간 협력관리 요인에 관한 탐색적 연구

  • Published : 2006.11.30


In terms of theory, this study differentiates the definition of collaboration management and provides the different angle to find collaboration determinants. In terms of practice, stressing the necessity of establishing and practicing the plan for collaboration management, it suggests us that promising strategies of management for inter-organizational collaboration in korean children and youth social service arena should be prepared. Through examining the theories, it is found that collaboration management like formal and informal meeting, contract, appointing the staff for collaboration is different from the former organizational factors. Collaboration management is found to be a factor accelerating the collaboration and differentiating from collaboration result itself. It is found that collaboration management factor affects the clients being refereed, providing some kinds of programs, and getting them. It means that the policy of organization which makes the staffs to participate at meetings to obtain various programs that other organizations provide, draws the agreement for collaboration, and arranges internal system for collaboration like appointing special staff activates the collaboration among organizations. Findings of this study provides us some recommendations. The efforts to develop technique, know-how, and management theory should be made in the Korean society. Organizations and the government should encourage organizations to manage the collaboration among them and make an effort to initiate policies and programs.