A Model reference adaptive speed control of marine diesel engine by fusion of PID controller and fuzzy controller

  • Yoo, Heui-Han (Division of Mechatronics Engineering, Korea Maritime University)
  • Published : 2006.11.30


The aim of this paper is to design an adaptive speed control system of a marine diesel engine by fusion of hard computing based proportional integral derivative (PID) control and soft computing based fuzzy control methods. The model of a marine diesel engine is considered as a typical non oscillatory second order system. When its model and the actual marine diesel engine ate not matched, it is hard to control the speed of the marine diesel engine. Therefore, this paper proposes two methods in order to obtain the speed control characteristics of a marine diesel engine. One is an efficient method to determine the PID control parameters of the nominal model of a marine diesel engine. Second is a reference adaptive speed control method that uses a fuzzy controller and derivative operator for tracking the nominal model of the marine diesel engine. It was found that the proposed PID parameters adjustment method is better than the Ziegler & Nichols' method, and that a model reference adaptive control is superior to using only PID controller. The improved control method proposed here, could be applied to other systems when a model of a system does not match the actual system.


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