기상정보 활용 및 방재를 위한 호우 사례 연구

Park, Jong-Kil;Jung, Woo-Sik;Choi, Hyo-Jin

  • 발행 : 2006.11.30


It is very difficult to forecast accurately a damage from the natural disasters which occurs frequently. If the significant weather event was forecasted one or two days ago, we will be able to minimize a damage from the severe weather event through the suitable prevention activities. It said that 2000's our country's total damages from the meteorological disasters was several trillion won(Park et al, a, b, 2005). Therefore, we analyzed the Korea Meteorological Administration(KMA) and television broadcasting's reports, information contents, and transmission system, an ex post facto valuation about typhoon Nabi which struck the Korean peninsula from September 5 to 7, 2005. Through these investigations, we want to present the basic data to rises the application effect of disaster prevention meteorological information. We think KMA must present many information report to promote a citizen's understanding about the meteorological information and the serious disaster situation. And also we think the KMA and television broadcasting must present an advisable reports, the contents which is suitable to disaster response stages. And we must grasp the problem of disaster prevention meteorological information through an ex post facto examination, improve it effectively.


Natural disasters;A heavy rainfall;Meteorological information;Disaster prevention;An ex post facto examination


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