Habitat Types of Wintering Season Wildbirds Depending on Land Use, Hanam

하남시 토지이용현황에 따른 겨울철 야생조류 서식유형 분석 연구

Kim, Jeong-Ho

  • Published : 2006.11.30


This study aims at analyzing relationships between land use and habitat types of winter wildbirds to provide basic understanding of ecosystem for preservation and restoration of urban ecosystem in the future. The research area is Hanam City. Researches on land use types showed Hanam City had 79.1% of greenspace and openspace, but intensive urban development has been taking place in greenspace that is adjacent to urban districts. This has brought the problems of lack of greenspace in urban districts and damages to cultivated areas and grassland. A total of 61 and 8,642 populations of winter wildbird species were observed in research areas. Paradoxornis webbiann(16.91), Passer montanus(11.93), Pica pica(6.88) were dominant species. When they were divided according to habitat types, 20 species of interior species, 8 species of interior-edge generalist species, 12 species of edge species and 3 species of urban species were observed. When which land use type was mostly served as wildbirds habitats was examined, urban species(3 species and 290 populations) was a dominant species in urban districts while in greenspace and openspaece, water species(19species and 3,075 populations) including winter migratory birds was. Among greenspace and openspaece, edge species was dominant in forest while urban species was a dominant species in cultivated areas. This shows there is a need to improve diversity of wildbirds through restoration of cultivated areas in the central part of Hanam City.


Urban Ecosystem;Dominance;Density;Diversity


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