Management of Water Pumping System in Coastal Area of Jeju City Based on Coastal Landscape

제주시 해안경관을 고려한 해수인수관 관리방안

Cho, Eun-Il;Lee, Byung-Gul

  • Published : 2006.09.30


Water management treatment of coastal region has been an important problem in Jeju city since the distributions of pipeline of the pumping system made a bad view in coastal region. To solve the problem, we observed the pipelines that are on the surface around the coastal region from Tapdong to Doduhang. From the observations, we found that Todong and Dodu areas were not unsightliness because the all pipelines were located in underground. However, the other areas, such area Yongdam, Handugi, Yongdam fishing village, had a serious problem for the coastal landscape view. To solve the problem, at we estimated coastal land color characteristics of Jeju city based on the observation of the pipelines. The estimated color panel shows that the green, blue and grey colors are a dominant factors of the Jeju coastal region. Based on the color panel, we proposed two methods, that is, one is a short time treatment, the other is a long time one. The short is based on the colour treatment, which is pipeline colour changing into surround natural one. The long time is the construction plan design method. Although the later method was very useful in Jeju island. However, it takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, in the situation, the short time is the better than the long time one.


Water pumping system;Coastal land color characteristics;Coastal landscape;Pumping system


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