A Micro Mixer with Recirculation Zones

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  • Published : 2006.12.01


This paper describes enhancement of the mixing efficiency of a multilamination micro mixer by adding a number of recirculation zones downstream of the mixing zone. Numerical simulation was employed to estimate the mixing efficiency and the pressure drop under various conditions. Numerical results indicated that recirculation micro mixer brought about not only the increase of the mixing efficiency but also the decrease of the pressure drop. Micro mixers were fabricated using photosensitive glass by anisotropic wet etching technique. The width and height of the micro channel were $150{\mu}m$ and $500{\mu}m$, respectively. The performance of micro mixer was measured using color intensity variation of the fluid. Except for extremely low Re below 40, the recirculation micro mixer of the present study showed improved mixing. And the enhancement of the mixing increased as Re rose. When Re increased beyond 400, more than 90% of the mixing was observed in the experiment.


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