A Design and Performance Evaluation of Path Search by Simplification of Estimated Values based on Variable Heuristic

가변 휴리스틱 기반 추정치 간소화를 통한 경로탐색 기법의 설계 및 성능 평가

  • Published : 2006.11.30


The path search method in the telematics system should consider traffic flow of the roads as well as the shortest time because the optimal path with minimized travel time could be continuously changed by the traffic flow. The existing path search methods are not able to cope efficiently with the change of the traffic flow. The search method to use traffic information also needs more computation time than the existing shortest path search. In this paper, a method for efficiency improvement of path search is implemented and its performance is evaluated. The method employs the fixed grid for adjustable heuristic to traffic flow. Moreover, in order to simplify the computation of estimation values, it only adds graded decimal values instead of multiplication operation of floating point numbers with due regard to the gradient between a departure and a destination. The results obtained from the experiments show that it achieves the high accuracy and short execution time as well.


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