Edge Strength Hough Transform : An Improvement on Hough Transform Using Edge Strength

경계선 강도를 이용한 허프 변환의 개선

  • Published : 2006.11.30


The detection of geometric primitives from a digital image is one of the basic tasks in computer vision area and the Hough transform is a well-known method for detecting analytical shape represented by a number of free parameters. However the basic property of the Hough transform, the one-to-many mapping from an image space to a Hough space, causes the innate problem, the sensitivity to noise. In this paper, we proposed Edge Strength Hough Transform which uses edge strength to reduce the sensitivity to noise and proved the insensitivity using the ratio of peaks in a Mough space. We also experimented the proposed method on lines and got small number of peaks in a Hough space compared to traditional Hough transform, which supports the noise insensitivity of the proposed method.


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