Mobile Ubiquitous Healthcare System Using Wireless Sensor Network

무선센서네트워크 기반의 모바일 유비쿼터스 헬스케어시스템

  • 신광식 (동서대학교 디자인 & IT 전문대학원 유비쿼터스 IT) ;
  • 치우리안 야우 (동서대학교 디자인 & IT 전문대학원 유비쿼터스 IT) ;
  • 정완영 (동서대학교 컴퓨터정보공학부)
  • Published : 2006.11.30


As growing up of elderly population, the interesting on healthcare system in normal life using W is increasing. An integrated u-healthcare service architecture with IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4 based sensor network and code divisi(m multiple access(CDMA) public mobile telecommunication networks was designed and developed. Sensor nodes with electrocardiogram(ECG), body core temperature sensors are attached on the patients' body. The healthcare parameters are transferred to web server via CDMA mobile network or through existed LAN network. The existed LAN network is suggested to be used for continuous monitoring of patient's health status in hospital while mobile networks can be used for general purpose at home or outdoor where infra networks unavailable. This system enable healthcare personal to be able to continuously access, review, monitor and transmit the patients information whereever they are, whenever they want. And immediately check their status by using cellular phone and obtain detail information by communication with medical information server through CDMA. By using this developed integrated u-healthcare service architecture, we can monitor patients' health status for 24 hours.


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