The Study on Korean Film Aesthetics -Postcolonial Culture Theory-

한국 영화의 미학 탐구 -탈식민주의 문화 이론을 중심으로-

  • Published : 2006.11.01


Korean blockbusters are the works finished by the dialectic of the meeting and collision of two cultures or H. Bhabha's cultural hybridization. They represent things Korean and Western, and yet their borders are demolished to create a new complicated mixture. Typical examples are Swiri, JSA Silmido Taegukgi Whinalimyu, containing a special Korean situation of division ideology and expressing an extremely Western style of production. This thesis will study the present status of Korean film aesthetics through the cultural hybridity.


Korean Film Aesthetics;Postcolonialism;Nationalism;Korean Blockbuster 1 Hybridity