Cinematic Imagination and Representation of State/Nation -Focusing on and

국가/민족에 대한 영화적 상상력과 재현 - <실미도>와 <한반도>를 중심으로

  • Published : 2006.11.01


It seems that there has been a tendency of faction film which reveals imagination of state/nation. As typical examples, & would show the relationship between some factional imagination and the project of blockbuster. In this regard, I've researched the tradition of cinematic representation of state/nation and some historical aspects which reveal the being of official films ruled by oppressive political intention. As a kind of discourse dealing with state/nation, & have specific strategy of representation. The analysis about that process might enable us to understand what is nationalism and what is the nature of ideological discourse consumed by faction-related products.


Discourse of State/Nation;Blockbuster;Faction;History;Nationalism